CRC Showcase

Posted by on 2011/03/05

Two weekends ago Nicolas and I performed out first showcase together and won! (Yey!)


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  1. Tom Walsh (WillMaeFanUSA)

    Perhaps because he hails from Montpellier, Nicolas Deniau seems to have a
    fondness for dance partners whose first names begin with the letter “M”. By my
    count, he’s danced with: Maéva Truntzer (whenever he and William Mauvais
    exchange partners temporarily), Mélanie Deniau (his sister), Matleena
    Kortesalmi, and last (but not least) you, Mikaela Hellsten.

    How lucky Nicolas was to have you as a dance partner for this “Showcase”!
    In routines which demand a certain light-hearted flirtatiousness (or something
    creating even more “sexual tension”), dancing with a partner known to be one’s
    sister simply won’t do. (Unless I’m mistaken, that’s one reason why Nicolas and
    Mélanie have now dissolved their dance partnership.)

    You and Nicolas dance so well together that, while I wish Nicolas and Matleena
    every success as a team, I hope your fans will have the opportunity to see you
    paired with Nicolas on the dance floor many more times in the future! You radiate
    an indulgent, impish charm which complements the amiable roguishness of Deniau’s
    dance persona. Fred and Ginger, watch out!